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- Our Story -

For over 30 years, Donna and Maurizio have dedicated themselves to providing authentic Italian fare in the south suburbs of Chicago.

It all began in 1985 with “Mama Capri” and her love for Italian cooking! Her daughter, Donna worked the front of the house, her future son-in-law, Maurizio, in the kitchen, both passionate about giving the customer the complete dining experience.

Fast forward 20 years, a marriage, 2 sons and 2 locations later- Donna and Maurizio worked side by side and hand in hand to bring you the absolute best Italian food in Palos Heights- where eventually, their eldest son, Maurizio Jr., had the opportunity to learning from his parents exactly what it takes to bring our guests back time and time again!

Standing on an old milk crate at his dads side, Maurizio Jr took an interest in his dads work and fell in love with cooking.  Over time Maurizio Jr. had the privilege of learning just how a pinch of this and a dash of that made each dish unique and special, and upon Maurizio Senior’s passing in 2018, Junior stepped up to fill his dad’s shoes becoming a pillar in keeping his dad’s memory alive and Capri flourishing.

Here at Capri in Palos we take pride in being the best the south side has to offer! We strive to offer our guests a traditional, made to order meal, a hearty glass of wine, and excellent service! Because of our dedication , we have been featured on Chicago’s Best and Check Please! And are always pleased to read about excellent customer experiences on multiple social media platforms!

If you haven’t already, come join us and make yourself a part of our Capri Family!

* * * 
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